Classical  homeopathy 
   Classical homeopathy was developed 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann.
   Homeopathy sees disease as a disorder of the central, controlling and life
   supporting energy. It is a healing system which treats people holistically –
   body-mind-soul. Instead of treating single symptoms, the patient is seen as a
   unit. Homeopathy therefore does not treat disease symptoms, but the diseased

   The essence of homeopathy
The healing principle is based on the principle: 
    Something similar should be cured by likes.    -  “Similia similibus curanur”  - 
    A drug which, in the course of a homeopathic drug proving, has induced a certain
    state in a healthy person, heals a patient who shows similar symptoms of an

   The healing process
   Although homeopathy is a gentle medicine, the drug may nevertheless lead to
    a reaction of t pathological condition, the so-called primary reaction.
    It is possible that in the course of a treatment, old afflictions which were     

    thought to have been healed up long ago, turn up again but will disappear after

    a short while, and merely show us that the person is on his way of self-healing.

   Homeopathy for all age groups?
   Homeopathic treatment is equally suitable for babies, children and adolescents
   A special treatment and attendance benefits children from babyhood. Classical

   homeopathy offers a genuine alternative to conventional medicine for the   treat-
   ment of infects, allergies, school phobia and other disorders. 

   Acute and chronic diseases
   Acute illnesses usually respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. For long term
   chronic conditions one must be prepared for a longer duration of treatment.
   However, whether a full recovery can always be achieved depends on many 
   different factors.


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