Indian Baby Massage
Touch is the root of love and the basis for a good relationship between parent
and child. 

In India baby massage is an ancient tradition which is still widely practiced today.
To massage a baby is an art form. It nourishes the skin and the vitality of a child.
In the baby massage course, in small groups, you will learn both the traditional form and following your own intuition.
Each course unit consists of theory, practice and a discussion part. - -

What is the impact of baby massage?
- It aids digestion, especially when children have a bloated belly
-it calms restless children
- It is good for the muscles

When is the best age for baby massage?
Ideally if your child is between 2 and 8 months old

Course location:
Andrea Zoller
Bjørnveien 47, 0774 Oslo

Course length and cost of mother and child per time:
Courses  are 4 to 8 times, depending on participants wishes.
Each session will last approximately 60 minutes.

Price: 250.- Kroner

Course duration:
4-6 mornings

What to bring:
A large towel and a baby massage oil

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